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About us

SEDAC ENGINEERING is part of Sedac-Mecobel, situated in Wevelgem (Belgium). Sedac-Mecobel is the headquarters of the Sedac-Meral Group (http://www.sedac-meral.com/)

and its main activity is the production of metal sit and sleep structures for furniture.
In turn Sedac-Meral is part of the Mecaseat Group, which is active in the supply of products for the sit and sleep comfort industry in general.

For years and years, Sedac Engineering has been responsible for far-reaching automation projects within the company, as well as for the subsidiaries of the Mecaseat Group.
Our ‘know-how' regarding bending, punching, cutting, rejuvenating and other chipless metal and aluminium forming techniques for pipes, is therefore obvious.
The construction of special machines, handling, welding calibres, mounting units and so much more, are just a few more examples of the services we provide. If you want to find out more about this, click on "SPECIALISATIONS".

We can help you to optimise your production environment with respect to productivity and quality thanks to the experience and knowledge we acquired.