U bent hier: Production line for a closed frame

Production line for a closed frame


Full automatic machine following the steps below:

  • Uploading the magazine charger with a bundle of pipes;
  • Splitting of one pipe;
  • Chopping up the pipe at the required length;
  • Rejuvenation of a pipe end;
  • Several punch stations according to the necessity and in function of faster settings;
  • 2 bending machines for bending a pipe and forming a pipe frame;
  • Assembly of the pipe ends and fixing them (closing the closed frame);
  • Automatic piling of finished pipe frames on carts;
  • Output: 3 frames per minute.

The pictures and video below will help you to get a better understanding.

Magazine - loader
Chopping unit
Punch unit
Punching station
Punching station with tooling (L2200mm)
Global view
Detail bending unit
Manipulator with magnetic gripper
Assembly and fixing of pipe ends
Complete view